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Using GD Star Rating Wordpress Plugin.

I am getting an very hard time trying to puzzle out how you can do simple things like resizing the rating button.

I've a picture that I wish to use as thumbs up/lower, but it is width is 232px rather than the default max 40px.

Has anybody accomplished resizing the heavensOrthumbs past 40px or shall we be held the only person on the planet with this particular problem?

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

Simply put:


enter image description here


enter image description here

I understand how are you able to change how big thumb.

Visit : plug ins/gd-star-rating/css/gdsr.css.php line:183

you found this:

echo sprintf(".gdt-size-%s.gdthumb, .gdt-size-%s.gdthumb a, .gdt-size-%s.gdthumb div { width: %spx; height: %spx; }\r\n", $size, $size, $size, $size, $size);

change it out:

echo sprintf(".gdt-size-%s.gdthumb, .gdt-size-%s.gdthumb a, .gdt-size-%s.gdthumb div { width: 232px; height: 232px ; }\r\n", $size, $size, $size, $size, $size);

change: width and height , next alter the image size.

If it can be done via css use width:40px !important;height:40px !important;

comment-> It might help should you paste a hyperlink for your site.

The brand new image width is 232px, therefore the code ought to be:

width:232px !important;height:232px !important;

But could you become more specific by what problem you're getting? new image being stop? or isn't it resized whatsoever whenever you notice on browser?