I would like a PHP based means to fix backup database (only data and never code) of the remote server and download the file. I understand that Spend based solutions are better for doing may be (managing a spend script on local system and hooking up through SSH to remote system) but it's essential to possess a PHP based solution where knowing a URL and getting database qualifications is sufficient for any non-technical to consider backup copies. The PHP script could be submitted towards the remote server and performed.

Following would be the features I would like:-

  • Must have support for InnoDb engine a minimum of - foreign key constraints ought to be released. No harm whether it supports other engines.
  • Should focus on all servers, in the existence of the utmost possible quantity of limitations (I understand in regards to a couple of limitations like safe_mode enabled, professional(), system() functions disabled etc.). I would like a really general purpose solution that is certain to work anywhere.

  • Process ought to be password authenticated (requests database qualifications).

Now, I'm wearing down things and beginning in the very fundamentals. Following are my presumptions of things to date plus some questions:-

  1. I don't know if system functions like professional, system etc. could be completely disabled in hosting that is shared servers or otherwise. If they're disabled so that they can't be overridden, then your mysqldump based solution given here won't work globally.
    Question - You can definitely only safe_mode is on so that system functions can execute on files present inside safe_mode_professional_dir, will the answer work safely?

  2. I requested an issue regarding security perils of carrying this out using PHP and understood the backup file will not be produced (I suppose, just in case of the mysqldump based solution, backup file must be produced first before installing) within the webspace. So, the answer shouldn't require the backup files to become produced there (not a problem if produces in areas).
    Question - But, will hosting that is shared companies allow this?

  3. I examined various general-purpose user led PHP classes like phpmysqldump etc. and didn't find using mysqldump based solution using system instructions there to consider backup. They are doing such things as SHOW CREATE TABLE etc. to obtain all of the table creation, data insertion queries after which download individuals things without really saving it as being personal files (so no security risk).
    Question - Am i right to summarize they do each one of these things without having done an easy mysqldump as succumbed the answer within the first point as this can't be an over-all purpose and secure solution?
    Question - Also, I just read that there isn't any high quality ones which work nicely. Personally, i used only this phpmysqldump also it provides me with mysql errors after i attempt to restore a database using the backup produced. The queries within the dump file also look somewhat not the same as individuals produced by PhpMyAdmin's export module. I additionally checked a couple of other free user led PHP classes. It appears like many of them don't support InnoDb support and thus foriegn key constraints, if contained in the database aren't contained in the export.
    Question - The export functionality of PhpMyAdmin itself, if present individually may be the solution for me personally, I suppose. Does anybody are conscious of any stable library like that one?