Note: Initially this was requested PostgreSQL, however, the solution is applicable to just about any database with a JDBC driver that may identify foreign-key associations.

Querying PostgreSQL data dictionary for foreign-secrets and relationship between tables is extremely straightforward, but how do i use that information to develop a graph from the relations between tables?

Any recommendations about tools that may do that?

EDIT: I understand GraphVIZ/Us dot can be helpful, however, I'm not sure have idea concerning how to code an application that will create the directed graph .Us dot file.

Us dot is area of the graphviz package, the industry pretty damn awesome/helpful tool. Obviously, you will need something to create the us dot files for graphviz. I have used SchemaSpy a couple of times previously, and delay pills work pretty much, provided you will find the associations defined within the database.

Microsoft Visio will easily do that.

SchemaBank may be helpful if you won't want to install anything because they are web-based. Just open a free account there, enter your database dump and appearance / edit overturn-designed schema in your internet browser.

This is much like that one:

and a few of the solutions there may help you.

Dot is multiplatform and might be helpful.