I'm developing an asp.internet MVC 2 application by which I will implement the Microsoft reviews. The issue is this how do i bind the LINQ coming back object using the parameters of reviews. Based on my understanding I'm able to bind the parameter using the data set but I'm not sure how you can bind it with LINQ. Furthermore, I'm new within this area so please produce link of Microsoft Reviews tutorial with LINQ.

Microsoft Reviews uses aspx pages. I'd issues with these working inside an MVC3 site, and thus need to create another web application for that reviews (that used exactly the same business logic because the primary site).

It might be better to make use of the objectDataSource for that report, and make it inside the aspx page. For the reason that method for you to intercept the web pages querystring (or publish) parameters, and used them within the constructor from the method accustomed to produce the objectDataSource data.

Particulars concerning the MVC troubles are here Visual Studio 2010 Local SSRS Report (.rdlc) with Object Data Source