Would there be a method to perform a zipcode research according to City/Condition input inside a form? I am thinking the Google geocode API may be the right direction. Any ideas? I've got a site built using blogging platforms therefore the code would need to utilize PHP. Thanks ahead of time.

Geocoding is to discover the coordinates of the address. You actually could geocode a town,condition but this could provide you with he center from the city (as based on the geocoder's internal database - typically a centroid or 'city hall'.

Most metropolitan areas have multiple zip codes: Would you like many of these? Similarly a zipcode could contain multiple metropolitan areas - particularly in rural places that zip codes could be large and metropolitan areas are the other nations would call 'villages' and 'hamlets'

Which means you best choice is most likely to obtain a database. There can be some free ones around (Geonames involves mind however i don't believe it's zip codes), however, you might finish up needing to purchase one.

YQL can perform such things as this:

choose  title from geo.places.children where parent_woeid in (choose woeid from geo.places where text="sunnyvale, usa" limit 1) AND placetype = 11


produced": "2011-03-16T06:49:09Z",

  "lang": "en-US",

  "results": title": "94086"


    title": "94087"


    title": "94088"


    title": "94089"


    title": "94090"


    title": "94085"






You will find good examples on the website regarding how to implement queries such as this both in PHP and Javascript on the site.