im trying to produce a generic gallery application that utilizes a database, using the abilitiy to upload images in the website, using microsoft's visual webmaster. -- im a newcomer with databases and asp.internet but am getting used to it i believe ><

the majority of the good examples i see is one mdf file with several tables. however i want something will be able to use frequently like a generic template for my databases, when i have several art galleries i wish to create for my portfolio, or allow others for doing things with little difficulty.

What im attempting to avoid is needing to undergo each gallery and make new table plugs as well as get/set techniques for every new gallery

Must i make use of a separate mdf file with one table for every gallery? would this let me copy/paste every time i wish to produce a new database by extension new gallery

interesting time

You don't need to use separate mdf files. You might have just one mdf file (database file).

Why not produce a gallery table as well as an image table and fasten both having a relationship?

1 Gallery -> has numerous -> Images - (M X N) relationship

1 image -> goes to -> 1 Gallery

You could utilize Microsoft Entity Framework to prevent needing to create new table plugs, get/set techniques, etc, because it can create everything instantly for you.