I have to create dash boards showing geographic regions and show sales, locations etc on the map.

Whoever else attempted and exactly what do you recommend?

I love the feel of both Fusion Charts and Dundas

I'll be using asp.internet for that site but any control's or library's including expensive or javascript are great options.

Most significant may be the feel and look then functionality in Nigeria.

After my last publish searching for commercial mapping solutions, it appears like very costly and now i'm looking into options to full mapping solutions.


Take a look at http://world wide web.geoext.org/good examples.html#good examples a JavaScript library based opn surface of OpenLayers and ExtJS.

You are able to limit the bounds of the map to various regions, have several pop-up maps etc. Take a look in the OpenLayers API on which datasources you should use. GeoJSON or KML are most likely simplest if you wish to avoid server-side map serving software.