ways to get authors particulars and author page permalink at random. I've checked the brand new get_users() function for wordpress that is coming back the writer but i am unable to sorting them at random.

this is actually the site i'm while using code: http://citystir.com

Any help?

Solution: Because of theomega i've solved the isse. This is actually the code only for community discussing:

$args = array('role' => 'author');

    $authors = get_users($args);
    $i = 0;
     foreach ($authors as $author): 
           if($i == 4) break;
           //do stuff

Didn't set the limit around the $args because i want the shuffle in most customers. Hope it can help someone available, within the wild. :D Thanks!


$users = get_users('ciriteria');
//users is now shuffled

While using PHP Shuffle-Function.