I downloaded these databases for all of us and CA from GeoNames. The date appears like this:

5881639 100 Mile House  100 Mile House      51.64982    -121.28594  P   PPL CA      02              0       917 America/Vancouver   2006-01-18
5881640 101 Mile Lake   101 Mile Lake       51.66652    -121.30264  H   LK  CA      02              0       917 America/Vancouver   2006-01-18
5881641 101 Ponds   101 Ponds       47.811  -53.97733   H   PNDS    CA      05              0       18  America/St_Johns    2006-01-18

I wish to make use of this data for any city-picker, but I wish to display to province or condition beside it. Does not seem like this data consists of that information. Can there be a way to retrieve that? Or it is possible to better DB which includes that?

Make use of the datasets here: geocoder.ca including city title and condition / province title within the same file.

If you wish to stick to your computer data, you should use Google's Geocoding API, as with the very first answer here:

Google Maps: how to get country, state/province/region, city given a lat/long value?

to obtain information according to latitude and longitude. This is lots of work, though, specifically for a town-picker.

You apply the data within the posts for that admin codes they are really ids that connect to the admin codes table (you will find separate data sets readily available for the admin codes) it's very easy.

Look into the geonames forums for more information .