I've the oddest problem ever. I am looking to get outcomes of CGI script running on a single server with get_file_contents and delay pills work everywhere except my local machine under Ubuntu.

It really works after i request it to obtain url from different server (same script running on production), it really works used on different server, I am certain I've allow_url_fopen set. But each time I am looking to get that page from the local server I recieve failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request on PHP side and [error] [client] request failed: error reading the headers in Apache error log.

What exactly can one use it, what headers must i pass so Apache will not turn me lower or, alternatively, what configuration options must i tweak for the similar results?

What hostname are you currently using to consult the local webserver? Maybe you are calling it "localhost" also it needs a genuine domain title.

Using [cde] attempt to by hand forcing the HTTP headers, like so.


In the event that does not work, have you contemplated using [cde] to process your request?