I'm attempting to in some way get all the authors for any wordpress blog, not the customers. After i used wordpress_list_authors() it occasions out because you will find 50 plus,000 customers normally. How do i start ONLY getting authors who publish data around the blog?

Within the options array you pass towards the wp_list_authors() function, you have to set hide_empty to true. This can exclude all authors with posts.

Begin to see the function reference.


    wp_list_authors(array('hide_empty' => true));

You will find a couple of indicates be produced here to deal with your condition. Only customers using the title of 'author' and above can author a publish on the wordpress site. Should you examine the wordpress documentation for that wordpress_list_authors() function become familiar with the hide_empty parameter includes a default of just one(true) so it's not nessicary to declare it within the function call. I setup an evaluation on my small local server and located the function works in most from the following ways as predicted within the documentation.

wp_list_authors('hide_empty=1');               //wordpress example
wp_list_authors(array('hide_empty' => true));  //Alex
wp_list_authors();                             //Best

All of which only show authors which have led at least one publish in a listing format. What are the additional particulars you might have omitted?