I'm using Joomla during my internship, and I am wondering whether it's an rising program. Could it be an increasing, popular program or somewhat stagnant? Are companies searching for individuals who know Joomla?

Joomla is an extremely popular software and for that reason getting abilities with it's good. Even when you do not see possibilities on dealing with Joomla, you'll always see possibilities on building websites and you will use Joomla to save the day.

However, knowing Joomla is not something which will distinguish you as abilities with Joomla can be simply acquired by any programmer with a few experience.

IMO, you need to use this chance to understand not just about Joomla however the tecnologies that support it (for example PHP, MySQL, etc.) and, while you are in internet marketing, don't narrow your focus simply to Joomla but try learning around you are able to using their company CMSs.

Dont think about it as being work move.. searching for jobs down the road where joomla is needed.. think about this being an chance to understand PHP within the real life scenario where a large number of a artists are using something effectively.. eventually u get compensated to understand PHP not joomla.

I wouldn't say companies are searching particularly for those who know Joomla, however i know that Joomla appears to become growing fast so much that it may be considered "an rising program."

The organization Sometimes for lately reconstructed the website using Joomla, also it appears to become a pretty effective platform that I am sure we'll be utilising later on.

A great way to gauge what companies are searching for would be to search for this on project sites for example Monster.com. Searching for Joomla gives 27 results, while searching for Drupal (another common PHP Content management systems framework) gives 69 results.

While companies aren't searching for a lot of individuals who know Joomla, you will find over 1500 jobs listed searching for PHP experience, and dealing with Joomla provides you with that.

With an internship, I'd go as far to express that learning the way the real-world development process works is much more important than language you utilize.

I believe learning how CMS's are made and also the concepts around maintaining them is a great new career. I have been visiting a interest development in Drupal (apparently the Whitehouse has become operate on Drupal). They are efficient ways to learn web programming generally.

Could it be an increasing, popular program or somewhat stagnant?

Joomla includes a huge following/market that is still growing and can keep growing for you never know how lengthy.

http://world wide web.google.com/trends?q=joomla,+drupal http://trends.google.com/websites?q=joomla.org,+drupal.org&geo=all&date=all

Are companies searching for individuals who know Joomla?

Yes, there's an enormous requirement for Joomla designers. If you are a great Joomla developer, finding work isn't a problem.

You need to however, consider that which you like best, and use that. You'll usually finish up dealing with the very best software for the reason that area from experience. This makes knowing about it diverse, and enables you to comprehend the highlights and weak points each software.

Joomla is a great Content management systems, however, additionally, it has some weak points - like all Content management systems. You most likely wouldn't have the ability to see these should you had not also labored with Drupal, or any other CMSs.

Having a broad understanding an make good choices which Content management systems for which task, and therefore most probably for an even wider market of companies, clients etc. However, keeping an emphasis on a single Content management systems/software having a large market enables you to definitely compete for the reason that area. It's a little of the balanced exercise.

For example:

Like a company, we focus exclusively on Joomla, because it enables us to be really proficient and competitive for the reason that existing market. However, I love to use other CMSs for that points I have already mentioned.

Joomla provides you with valuable MVC experience that a lot of job posts require. I see a lot of them mention Joomla along with Zend Framework.