It has most likely been requested before however i aren't able to find any relevant publish while using search system.

I am searching for a website where I possibly could host my very own blog. Regrettably, I discovered none which have the type of code block friendliness available on our personal stackoverflow (not just one where you need to by hand convert < and > into &lt and &gt).

If the reply is "there's none, duh!", and i'm condemned to set up my very own blog software, then which must i use for any "coder blog" -- understanding that I'd want it to be ultra-simple to setup.


I personally use a mix of BlogEngine.Internet, Home windows Live Author along with a WLW extension to format/put the code block during my blog.

Scott Hanselman includes a blog publish relating to this subject here.

There's quite a sweet client-side (jQuery-based) code formatter here that you simply also may want to take a look at, that sounds blog-software agnostic.

I personally use appengine and bloog mostly due to this feature (also, since I'm able to extend it anyway I'd like). The positive thing is it's relatively simple to setup and free. In case your blog makes enough traffic to talk about the limit free of charge accounts odds are you will get a refund from this.

I had been tugging my hair out attempting to format code on Blogger until I discovered this handy utility. It isn't an ideal solution, however it goes a lengthy way.