I'm type of confused. So please go easy on me. Take any standard web application implemented with mvc, like codeigniter or rails. The scripts will get performed only if a browser transmits request right. Then when a person logs in and transmits request the server recieves it and transmits him response.

Now think about the scenario where aside from the standard application i additionally need something similar to a after sales process. For instance a script which inspections whether a putting in a bid time is closed and transmits the mail towards the bidder the putting in a bid is closed and selects the bid champion. Now each one of these actions needs to be achieved instantly the moment the putting in a bid time finishes.

If this script is a component of the regular application then it ought to be triggered through the client(browser) however i dont want that to occur. This ought to be just like a bot script which must operate on the server checking the DB for occasions and designs such as this.

How do you start doing something similar to this. Is also this easy to have this implemented on the regular shared or devoted hosting where we do not have spend access only ftp access.

You'd need to write your script like a stand alone program and only get it run continuously without anyone's knowledge or have cron (as well as other arranging service also only works if you are only thinking about time-based occasions) carry it out for you personally.

You will find most likely hosts which have spend-less ways to get this done (fancy GUI connects for controlling background processes or something like that,) however your ordinary hosting company with only FTP access certainly does not.

You'll need a cron job, it's not hard to set on linux. That cron job will either call the command line version of PHP together with your script or produce a local HTTP request with curl or wget.

Without having access you will want an exterior site that instantly creates periodic HTTP demands. An inexpensive the first is setcronjob.