1. In WordPress, how do you hide a webpage?
  2. How do you then reimplement it as being a DIV, let us say, on another Page?


I am looking to get some year-finish tax write-offs for my freelance business, and thus I am giving WordPress sites to places of worship. Now, regrettably I am discovering that several pastors do not understand computer systems that well, and despite the fact that WordPress is rather simple to tech men like me and you, they get a little confused. Therefore, I said out Posts, Comments, Plug ins, Icons, Customers, Design, and left only Pages (New, Edit, Remove) and Media Gallery. Then i required a style that demonstrated the web pages as tabs at the very top just like a normal website.

My hope would be to call a specific page like Sidebar1 since it's title. However, rather than this being displayed like a tab, it will likely be hidden. Then, it will likely be reimplemented like a DIV within the page entitled Home. When the pastor accidentally removes Sidebar1, all he needs to do is recreate it again and poof it reappears.

This does not cope with the Wordpress website, however the Wordpress installation.

I have transformed the admin -- I simply need to alter the front-finish.

I possibly could figure this out by myself, however in the eye of your time I wondered if a person had already carried this out?

Your help may help me understand this done before Christmas for many area places of worship here. Thanks.

I believe probably the most logical strategy is to personalize the theme. The theme product is sophisticated and may easily handle this type of factor, In my opinion. A minimum of basically comprehend the problem.

Be cautious with modifying the core system, though. WordPress may release new security fixes very frequently.

Someone named 'greyhoundcode' in another forum clarified me, so I decided to publish it here.

His response...

If, for instance, you've four pages:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Sidebar
  4. Contact

And also you deliberately desire to exclude the Sidebar page from being a member of the page navigation, you are able to exclude it like so:


You are able to retrieve it around the page where you need to drop it along with a wordpress_query statement.

...This is just what I desired.