Because of certain compliance needs, we must secure the consumer DOB area within the database. We have another requirement to have the ability to search a person by his age. Our DB does not support transparent file encryption so file encryption will handled through the application.

Worthwhile tips on how to permit searching by age? One thought would be to save the YOB inside a separate column in cleartext but still have the ability to comply to the compliance requirement.

In addition to that, every other design strategy that will help?

Thanks ahead of time!

You are able to pre-calculate the hashes of possible DOB for the application, store individuals simultaneously because the encoded DOB and check for DOB by utilizing these hashes.

Unsure what that will do in order to your compliance.

If you are certain would be in compliance, i quickly suppose it might work. You may want to restore 24 months price of YOB after which perform some additional blocking around the application side to make certain you simply return individuals who actually are the asked for age though.