I wish to learn about "How to locate user's account during my website."

During my website I wish to realize that if your user in sign-in in certain other tab with a couple account like google, live, wordpress then how do i become familiar with about customers account.

For instance if user is sign-in the search engines via asdfg@gmail.com also it makes its way into into my website i quickly may use (in feedback form, for alert(hello asdfg)) this account during my website.

just place something within the customers table known as login automatically , once the user logs in only change this value to at least one , which means you may then take a look value and be aware of title from the user .

or any other way , happens when the consumer sign in save the data he joined to login in the session after which refer to this as session to understand the title/

I believe you can start by searching at http://code.google.com/apis/accounts/docs/OpenID.html

Customers must be using OpenId and also have drenched to your website with OpenID before you access their information.

I'm while using PHP LightOpenID library (see on gitorious) to create customers in a position to log into this site using their Google account. It handles all of the authentication flow for all of us. You don't have to stress about token and stuff.

Here the page where I display the "Login with Google" link :

require_once 'openid.php';
$openid = new LightOpenID;

$openid->identity = 'https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id';
$openid->required = array('contact/email');
$openid->returnUrl = 'http://my-website.com/landing-login.php'

<a href="<?php echo $openid->authUrl() ?>">Login with Google</a>

Once the click the link, a Google page can look request him to authenticate and/or authorize you to definitely retrieve his email.

Then he'll be redirect towards the website landing page $openid->returnUrl. The code for your page ought to be :

require_once 'openid.php';
$openid = new LightOpenID;

if ($openid->mode) {
    if ($openid->mode == 'cancel') {
        // User has canceled authentication
    } elseif($openid->validate()) {
        // Yeah !
        $data = $openid->getAttributes();
        $email = $data['contact/email'];
    } else {
        // The user has not logged in via Google
} else {
    // The user does not come from the link of the first page

If you wish to retrieve more information in the user, you need to add these to $openid->required in page one. For example :

$openid->required = array(

enables you to, when the user accepts it, to obtain his first and last names too within the second page :

$name = $data['namePerson/first'] . " " . $data['namePerson/last'];

Hope that can help !