I'm creating an internet site that can be used to look books along with other particulars about this for which i've to produce a database. to produce such huge databases could be hectic so how does someone manage getting data for websites these.It is possible to smart way?

the web site is going to be like searching a magazine also it shows the particulars regarding might where you can purchase.

Some websites, like Amazon . com allow use of their database through webservices(ie over Cleaning soap protocol etc..). Typically services are limited or else you be forced to pay for use of such services.

Other sites don't provide may be. The only method to get information is to screen scrape other web pages for that data(eg just request the html pages and scrape the required info). This really is tiresome and when the page template changes, you need to improve your parser...as well as illegal oftentimes...

The only real other is always to by hand come in or have your customers come in.