I am focusing on small tool for gathering details about our postgres database and I've been searching at while using postgres Stats Collecter. It appears like there's lots of info/stats within the table however i am getting trouble being aware of what exactly everything means.

If a person has utilized these sights before would they have the ability to point me within the right direction based on how to acquire stats like the quantity of presently running queries or even the slowest query? If these bankruptcies are not possible in the postgres stats collector can there be another way of acquiring statistics which i can use?

Another factor I had been unclear about is that if the stats collector limits the quantity of data: for example, does it only record the final x server processes?

It is best to take a look at the other monitoring tools already run - for example Munin or check_postgres for Nagios.

Particularly, for which you are asking here, consider the view pg_stat_activity.

With no, the stats collector tracks everything.