I am presently looking to get MySQL focus on OSX 10.7 Lion. I attempted the brew way:

brew install mysql

-> cmake        -> no problems

-> make         -> no problems

-> make install -> no problems

-> done

unset TMPDIR

mysql_install_db --verbose --user=`whoami` --basedir="$(brew --prefix mysql)" --datadir=/usr/local/var/mysql --tmpdir=/tmp

Setting up MySQL system tables...

/usr/local/bin/mysql_install_db: line 428: 15397 Done                    

 15398 Done(141)                eval "$filter_cmd_line"

 15401 Segmentation fault: 11   $mysqld_install_cmd_line > /dev/null

Installing of system tables unsuccessful!  Examine the logs in

/usr/local/var/mysql to learn more.

Did anybody got mysql operate on Lion?

You are able to download a MySQL installed like a DMG file, filled with an installer, system preferences pane along with a startup script from MySQL. Visit MySQL's community server download page, choose MySQL because the platform and select the DMG file.

You are able to skip the registration form (there just a little link underneath the register form) and you ought to be on the way.

When the file is downloaded, double-click the DMG, launch the installer and finish cellular phone. Next, install the startup script using it's installer and lastly the preferences pane by double-hitting it. I recommend selecting to set up it for those customers on the pc.

You will find by doing this much simpler than producing from source.

You can examine out Follow up Professional should you prefer a great OS X tool to handle your MySQL databases.

A drop in alternative for mysql is mariadb. You are able to install with 'brew install mariadb'. It develops Lion.

Existing mysql motorists and clients just work. I am utilizing it with python-mysql and django.

It's even known as mysql which means you will not know the main difference.

'! First got it!

First... download mysql-5.6.2 here: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mirror.php?id=402349#mirrors ... once finished, untar the file and do that:

mv path/to/mysql-5.6.2-m5-osx10.6-x86_64 /usr/local/mysql

echo "PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin" >> ~/.profile

# open a brand new tab

compact disc /usr/local/mysql #this really is essential!


mysqld_safe &lifier

mysql -uroot

works best for me :)

you need to install all of your database atmosphere on snow leopard increase to lion later on. that actually works quite nicely


I had been getting difficulties with hooking up to my DB through Tomcat, yet could with the MySql tool. Tomcat was being able to access it with the actual IP of my machine (10..x.x) rather than through localhost or 127...1. Works out that after I migrated from SL to Lion, remote connections were disabled. After I enabled them, it labored fine.

Hopefully this can help someone.

I highly recommend you to definitely install MAMP. http://world wide web.mamp.info/en/index.html Additionally, it brings Apache and PHP without headache.

If you want to create it from the package manager, i quickly recommend MacPorts rather than brew. http://world wide web.macports.org/ Maybe brew is leading to the problem.