I am moving a old (circa 2001) PHP 3 application to a different PHP5 server. 90% from the code labored right as they are after migration and the majority of the remaining bit labored after i experienced that old php.ini and transformed configurations within the new php.ini to complement. Still there's one really annoying factor. One of the leading things the application does is create RTF documents by mashing together information in the MySQL database and RTF templates which are baked into php scripts. The initial author used echo claims which have PHP variable references and RTF mixed together to output personal files towards the browser, which in turn calls Word to handle output.

My issue is that within the new system whenever the echo statement has f, the particular output includes a linebreak. I am not sure if it's a CR or LF but it is certainly a linebreak. Is a PHP factor to process the f? How do i power it down?

Based on the PHP documentation the "f" inside a double-cited string means a FORM-FEED since version 5.2.5.

Thus, if you wish to really have "\f" inside your output, you will have to use "\\f", as with:

echo "Test\\f";

f is really a form feed. It's equal to the ASCII code 12. Begin to see the full table at Wikipedia. Should you print your RTF doc the printer should visit the next page. If you're searching in the document inside a WYSIWYG editor for example Ms Word, it will reveal that the doc skips to another page.

The f isn't a PHP factor particularly. If you do not really want form feeds, eliminate the f's.