I have lately been assigned to build up a nearby version of the worldwide website that needs to be run by Wordpress.

The customer has asked for for just two items to be achieved, which I am unsure how to pull off:

  1. Posts, pages and terms associations needs to be found and reflected exactly the same means by the neighborhood version just like the worldwide version.

  2. Posts needs to be periodically attracted in the worldwide website and propagated in to the local website. The posts can look as drafts pending approval from our website's dashboard.

The task here's this:

  1. The partner who is the owner of the worldwide website won't give use of their dashboard or server Cpanel, therefore the direct export and import of posts, pages and terms associations are unthinkable.

  2. Using Nourishes did mix my thoughts, however i recognized that there's a large amount of videos and photographs in every publish that needs to be proven and when I recall properly, Nourishes can't draw posts this way. In addition, the attracted posts needs to remain as drafts in it's new local inside the local website.

I am kinda stuck the following, so any comments or suggestions how I'm able to build a storage shed is going to be greatly appreciated.

Thank everyone ahead of time! =)