I've 5 blog sections each representing a category. However, I must possess a category known as "all" when checked would come with the publish in most 5 section without needing to click every category.

I suppose the only method to do that would be to add something in to the blog category template file to inform it to incorporate the typical category posts along with the "all" category.

now I believe i have situated where it queries the publish: if ( $wordpress_query->have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_publish()

but there's nothing determining the present category id, aside from a couple of things above for indicating the best title for that theme.

What will be the easiest way of achieving things i have described?

You are able to communicate with the wordpress_query object... exactly as you communicate with query_posts()... it accepts exactly the same arguments.

For either you should use Category Parameters the following (in the wordpress codex: query_posts function reference)

Category Parameters Show posts connected with certain groups.

  • cat (int) - use category id.

  • category_title (string) - use category slug (NOT title).

  • category__and (array) - use category id.

  • category__in (array) - use category id.

  • category__not_in (array) - use category id.

If this references $wordpress_query, the variables from the query happen to be defined, you are able to setup your personal query with any parameteres you would like.