I am coping with needing to store some payment card data. To be able to be compliant with PCI DSS regulation, we must purge the information from dvds by not only removing the file in the storage system, but additionally writing within the bytes having a random sequence of information to really make it harder to recuperate the information.

I must have the ability to leverage a database for my storage needs, (for elevated concurrency and much easier querying) however aren't able to find in whatever way to get rid of individual records in this way.

What are the known approaches for achieving this?

So far as I understand about PCI DSS, secure wiping is needed just for files saved within the filesystem. An RDBMS not always maps data towards the file system inside a foreseeable way. You skill (should you still wish to "safely wipe information") would be to

  1. Update all records that you would like to remove
  2. Remove the information

Let us say you need to remove all records where PAN is 4444441234567890. You are able to write the next claims:

update card_data set PAN='0000000000000000' where PAN = '4444441234567890';
after which
delete card_data where PAN='0000000000000000';

Further, you may be thinking about being aware of Transparent Data File encryption based on both Oracle and SQL Server.