With an Apache2.2.9 located site, I must take away the headers below.

Date Thu, 16 12 , 2010 17:49:45 GMT Server Apache Keep-Alive timeout=15, max=92 Connection Keep-Alive

Allow me to preempt the discussion on whether it's right/legal/nice to remvoe Server and Date: I've browse the standard and that i still wish to accomplish it. The bytes saved are significant (average response dimensions are ~200B).

During my site.conf (last load from apache2.conf) I've attempted this without results:

    Header unset Date
    Header unset Server
    Header unset Connection 
    Header unset Keep-Alive

Other Header unset directives will work (so mod_headers is loaded).

Perhaps you have observed this bug report? The lack of ability to unset certain headers is really a design problem in Apache. The road attached consists of a method to take away the Server header. Searching in internet marketing briefly it appears that lobotomizing the relaxation from the undesirable default incorporated headers can be achieved at modules/http/http_filters.c, around line 1000...