i wish to write a course that will get the match dates out of this link http://www.goal.com/en/teams/germany/148/fc-bayern-munich-news and employ it during my program among the finest the dates and also the matches how do i do that? in andorid

I'd write an [cde] to show the information, which calls an [cde] for connecting towards the site and download the HTML. I'd then apply certain type of parser to seize the information I would like and save it to some database.

Perhaps you have written Java before? Otherwise I'd begin by learning the word what. Download Eclipse and write an easy program that may connect with the website and grab the HTML. Adding the parser.

When you are that far, perform the Hello World tutorial, then come with the other lessons. Also find out about the Android Application Lifecycle. At that time you can begin considering moving your code to the Android framework.

Here are a few links to details about potential parsers &lifier parsing approaches.

You might think about using (hushed voice) regex/pattern matching.