This will hopefully form helpful information for individuals attempting to perform the same factor.

It might be helpful to have the ability to use GIT to push and pull changes from production server. The majority of us won't have the posh of the personal server or data center.

What characteristics will we require from your web hosting companies to be able to get git functioning, and what prerequisite understanding will we require apart from GIT abilities?

Exactly what do I want from my host?

The net host ideally need git and ssh installed. If they're running e.g. Apache on the unix atmosphere, this isn't an problem. I do not believe that the net host must have git abilities, that's as much as the individual responsible for upgrading the net host from e.g. github.

Allow me to take an irl example. I am responsible for developing an internet site for any friend which has a band. I develop and try out the site in your area and commit everything to some local git repository. When I am pleased with the outcomes, I push-up my changes to some repository on github. Following this I have to login via ssh towards the hosting company and problem a "git pull" command, to syncronize the net host using the changes on github.