I've got a fundamental website hosting account through GoDaddy. It's lots of space, and that i was curious basically can use it as being a push/pull/clone point.

I have read that Git supports HTTP(S) procedures through WebDAV, but I have not used at all it. I am not too acquainted with WebDAV generally or how it operates.

Can you really setup this kind of limited server to utilize Git? I don't have SSH access on my small account, however i will have permissions to config some fundamental .htaccess configurations.

There are 2 methods for hosting a git-repo with an http-server:

  • "wise" HTTP, where you'll need a cgi-script placed on the server. This can most likely not meet your needs, as fundamental web-hosting usually do not let user-scripts.
  • "dumb" HTTP, that is simply maintained by uploading the repo towards the web-host. This could most likely meet your needs.

"dumb" HTTP is a little more awkward for the one who pushes into it, however it JustWorks(tm) for individuals who pulls from this. The pusher must run "git update-server-info" around the repo, and in some way obtain the repository to the server (in the same manner you'd usually upload files).

Begin to see the Git Book for particulars: http://book.git-scm.com/4_setting_up_a_public_repository.html