How do i place your blog (not produced yet) into and already established 'static' web page? The web page is written mostly in php. I am thinking about using something similar to (host install version) and taking advantage of it to update the website's news page.

From what I have read, its seems like I will have to perform a large amount of theme fine-tuning to obtain wordpress to show properly with this website's template. This sounds a little formidable to me. Any ideas around the matter are appreciated!


Used to do the identical factor on my website. I'd about 20 static pages, added your blog and added content in the Wordpress pages towards the static pages. It wasn't difficult to find a style that (almost) matched up my static pages. Everything outdoors of /tech/ is really a static page.

You may also obtain a very plain and simple theme and then suggest it suit your design. Its one large heaping cut and paste of CSS, re-labling elements to complement what Wordpress wants a little fine-tuning. I have tried it within 8 hrs on other sites.

Educate yourself on using the Wordpress loop. This really is a lot simpler than you believe its likely to be, particularly if your stuff has already been completed in PHP.


Here is a snippet from the code which i use within my static pages, which enables me to then use the many other Wordpress functions within the existing code:


if (empty($wordpress))




Then, getting a listing of latest posts is as simple as:

<?php get_archives('postbypost', 8) ?>

Just consider using depreciated functions, I have got a couple of quit to wash from after i integrated Wordpress 24 months ago.

Greg is appropriate, an iframe is a straightforward method of doing this. However, I have encounter situations in which the iframe will mess up session variables in IE, unsure if the impacts WordPress or otherwise.

If you are going to produce a page to accommodate a WordPress install within an iframe, why don't you simply have the hyperlink you would employ to exhibit the page using the iframe just connect to another sub-domain in which the WordPress install will reside?

My prediction is you are hesitant to perform a lot with theme development if you are attempting to throw WordPress into an iframe. If this sounds like the situation you've got a couple of options: (a) google for any blank wordpress theme, (b) create a theme that appears like you are current site to ensure that whenever a user clicks a hyperlink, they will not know they are on the different platform, (c) don't hide anything making the WordPress install appear having a different theme. Consider American Express within their OPEN Forum site (http://world wide, using their blog at - same header, slightly different body and layout.

Issues w/ going the iframe route is the fact that a WordPress site will grow tall, where you will need to set the peak of the iframe. You are able to control this by setting the peak to something large, however your page can be really large, or control the quantity of posts that display in the WordPress admin.

My suggestions, scrap the iframe, install your WordPress on the sub-domain after which connect to that sub domain rather than connecting for your iframe page

I am trying this with a website I am trying out (not public yet). Rather than posting your blog on my website, I am connecting to some blog located by Google Blogger.

Google also provides the "AJAX Search API" which I am using to embed right into a static web site. I produced an engaged marquee of links to my blog. Since the links are produced by AJAX Search, it always shows the newest records. It is a nice way and also hardwearing . site static, but additionally incorporate dynamic content that's located elsewhere.

Obviously it might assistance to design your site to complement the branding of the primary site. Extra points if you're able to use iframes or common navbars to really make it all seamless.

Frequently it's most likely simpler to simply make use of a WordPress blog and re-produce the relaxation of the static website with this.