I am attempting to make use of the Joomla framework to create a create within the primary content table.[http://paperwork.joomla.org/How_to_use_the_JTable_class] This works fine with the exception that some data originates from published variables plus some from logic that occurs whenever a file is submitted moments before (keep random image title of the digital)


this requires a ref towards the published values and I wish to add Array or Object my area. The code I've helps make the new record however the column images, does not get my string placed.

I'm trying to behave like$data=&JRequest::get('post'); $newdata=(array)$data; array_push($newdata,"images"=>"Dog");

i make newdata as information is a ref towards the published variables and that i suspect wont there forefront let me add values to $data. I am a expensive guy normally not really a php and my understanding is letting me lower here.

Thank you for any help

Right, first factor:


$information is an assortment, you don't have to cast it. To include another element towards the array as referred to within the comments do that:

$data['images'] = 'cats';

If you work with normal SQL to complete the place you would then make a move such as this to obtain the last placed id e.g. the id from the row you simply placed:

$db = $this->getDBO();
$query = 'Some sql';
if (!$db->query()) {
  JError::raiseWarning(100, 'Insert failed - '.$db->getErrorMsg());
$id = $db->insertid();

If you're developing in Joomla It is best to make use of the db functions presented to you instead of mysql_place_id()


If you wish to use store you'll be able to obtain the last placed id like so:

$lastId = $row->id;