I've been searching around to learn how to configure Glassfish front ended with Apache. And the majority of the lessons while using load balancing connect is making me enable SSL on Apache. I'm attempting to comprehend the connection. I ought to have the ability to do non SSL communications after i dont need to have SSL.

You will find several blogs showing the best way to use Apache before Glassfish. You will find a number of options and based on your requirements, different methods may be the most suitable.

I have used Apache with mod_jk which forwards demands to Glassfish - both https and regular http. Plenty of good references here.

You can use other modules in Apache like mod_proxy, however the needs you've will flesh the most appropriate.

Glassfish also provide very good http engine within it where one can configure virtual hosts as with apache. When the strain on the Glassfish server is not to large, you may consider simply using Glassfish without anything before it.

You may also make use of the Sun Java System Web Server SJSWS rather than Apache. Despite it's atrocious title, it is only Sun's web server (free of charge). You can use it like a reverse proxy (PDF). The SJWS/Glassfish combination is most probably examined very well by Sun.