I am writing some apache (2.2) modules in C and I am pretty new in internet marketing, so I'm wondering:

I have to determine if you can produce a global variable that'll be started whenever the apache server begins to operate.

See, I have to have a listing of host names (that'll be "fortunate"), to ensure that every request I recieve, I have to see if the host title seems within the list (to see if it's "previleged").

Therefore the list ought to be global (to ensure that every server instance will have a similar demonstration of their email list), and I have to initialize it at the start.

How do you do this, whether it's whatsoever possible?


While not an entire answer, Used to do have the ability to try to have global variables.

I made use of the apr_pool_userdata_get and apr_pool_userdata_set techniques using the process's global pools (pconf and pool).

For more reference: