You want to use GML within our application It's a GIS based application which models the actual word objects (i.e. Pipes, Streets, etc) inside a virtual reality atmosphere. Presently we draw and keep geometry in AutoCAD DWGs however in future you want to alter the Database. I really should discover the solutions of those questions.

1- Is GML proper for encoding Geometry file (CAD,Shape,..) That consists of a lot more than 100000 features (What's the relation between data Volume and GML performance, can there be any limitation?)

2- exactly how should we look into the correctness of geometry data, for instance how GML Realize that 2 inner Limitations of the polygon intersect one another, (by Schema? By special Libraries? Or it simply validate GML by Schema without look into the inner coordinates data)

3-If I wish to make use of a DB, can one store GML data in XML Berkeley Database?

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