Can you really connect with my remote database located at godaddy from in your area from the PC?

And when yes how?

I attempted the bond string presented to me however it did not work.

You can connect directly. This can be a lately added feature.

Begin to see the following help articles:

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Hope this can help!

Have experienced a GoDaddy take into account just a few several weeks, which means this might be a brand new feature, however, you CAN connect with it with Sql Server Management Studio if you opt to "Allow Direct Database Access" whenever you create it.

Appears like they host them on different servers...have experienced some problems utilizing it, however i am go ahead and no SSMS-ninja -)

Handled to determine all of the databases that where located around the server though...don't if that's an indication of poor security or something like that else completely.

This isn't a real programming question, and honestly is dependent in your plan and also the host company. I'd contact GoDaddy for help.

I known as GoDaddy support and confirmed they don't support remote connections through their located service.

GoDaddy does not provide exterior access (yes, its a PITA)

I am on phone with GoDaddy at this time, plus they just began offering this particular service around the databases which are located on IIS7 servers. In case your database is on IIS6, you can't access remotely.

YES you are able to. Using SQLYog along with a php hosting. SQLYog includes a php file you need to upload for your hosting. This file offers the "bridge" for connecting for your databases in GoDaddy. I've been by using this not less than four years now (it´s time for you to share it using the crowds)

When designing your database you MUST choose the "Direct Acccess" radio button to show around the option the will allow you for connecting using Mgmt Studio. Apparently if you do not do that sometimes of creation you can't enable it later and should drop and recreate the db.

i'd no selection for immediate access, however when i known as them they up-to-date me to "power grid hosting plan" which allegedly will let me choose immediate access option. I suppose power grid hosting is really a more recent option, same cost and stuff as whatever delux hosting that is shared plan i'd before, therefore the update was free... triggered a lot of lame issues though which i needed to correct in a lot of code on multiple domains. I mainly recommend Shedding GO Dad! :-)