I've an asp.internet application that is purely build using C#, CSS, Javascript. Now i have to integrate my application with joomla content management systems.

         **Is it possible to integrate an Asp.Net website with Joomla CMS**

Any help could be deeply appreciated.

Yes it's possible, and based on what you're attempting to "integrate" it may be simple enough to complete. First, you will have to get ChronoForms and ChronoConnectivity. Without getting anymore particulars here's what you should do -

  1. Place the Joomla DB within the same database. Automatically Joomla uses the prefix jos_ because of its database tables which means this shouldn't pose any issues. This makes it easily accessible the tables of the application within Joomla.

  2. Next you will have to produce a form which has a area for every corresponding area within the table you need to edit. You'll need one form for every table.

  3. Using ChronoConnectivity after this you connect the shape using the table within the database.

This really is pretty fundamental but you'll have a chance to edit any table within the same database that Joomla is set up in. You might want to obtain a little more difficult to really make it work nicely, however, you can place additional code both in ChoronForms and ChronoConnectivity when needed.

That will most likely function as the quickest and simplest method to perform a simple integration.

What exactly is it that you would like to integrate? Customers? Content? You have to give more details.