I have seen a couple of different questions here on SO associated with hosting that is shared, particularly GoDaddy, with medium trust designs. Some questions appear to become oriented around attempting to include a third party DLL inside your application, I truly haven't seen a regular answer regarding how to move ahead.

I'm attempting to make use of the FlickrNet framework for my ASP.Internet MVC website. Since my hosting is by using GoDaddy, I to find the lovely exception when using the DLL. In additon towards the binaries, FlickNet enables you to definitely access the origin code through CodePlex.

Can there be anyway will be able to make use of this framework with GoDadddy hosting, or should i consider moving the applying to an alternative hosting provider?

In the finish during the day, I'm prepared to take my hosting elsewhere, but it is always good if there is wherein a workaround might be recorded with this.

Try adding the next for your AssemblyInfo.cs under Project > Qualities in solution explorer

[set up: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers]

to check in your area in medium trust add the next for your web.config:


    <trust level="Medium" />


Also here's articles that might assist you and/or provide you with insight regarding an identical situation with NHibernate: NHibernate inside a Medium Trust Atmosphere