After I assign multiple domain names to sites during my GoDaddy hosting account management it produces an online directory of these domain names. Additionally, it makes individuals domain names visit that directory. For whatever reason, it sometimes forwards back fully path from the hosting account.

ie., I've domain in folder /_sites/, and when I do not set the default document right, or sometimes forms authentication will redirect my original request, http://world wide to http://world wide

I seem like this behavior can also be preventing my Handled Fusion URL Rewriter from working properly.

Can anybody explain why this really is happening, and what godaddy gives forward these domain names towards the virtual sites? It might be ideal when they just produced multiple internet sites with host headers for that domain names, however they rather provide you with virtual sites... Can One mimic the multiple sites with host headers behavior with GoDaddy's setup?


I determined an answer that labored well for me personally.

I wound up setting the RewriteBase to /_sites/ during my url rewriter, and handled all demands to visit the right page. By doing this I possibly could catch all asp.internet demands which were getting produced to visit the lengthy path title.