Am doing RoR dev work with a customer, who choose other posters on here also have experienced, wish to host on their own godaddy acct. See: Mod_rewrite with godaddy

My real question is: that has got RoR running within an aliased domain located on GoDaddy - and it is still alive to inform the storyplot? I can not past "internal server error" messages and also the server error logs show me nothing. I suspect it is something to complete w/ .htaccess file and my rewrite rules but can not be sure.

any pointers besides "avoid godaddy such as the plague?"

The very first factor I'd request is: perhaps you have first got it to the stage where one can run your server with Webrick? An email psychic reading to Apache whatsoever, you'd have to make certain all of the needs for the application exist, which you will get it to reply to demands. Troubleshooting Apache adds a layer of complexity that may really get when it comes to debugging.

My next real question is: how's it going thinking about running your Rails application on GoDaddy? That's: what application server will you use: Phusion Passenger, Unicorn, Mongrel? Apache does not understand what related to Rails alone, and you have to provide a way to pass through demands on the internet for your application and back.

I am sorry ahead of time if these bankruptcies are not helpful questions in the stage you are at. I'll request better questions when I have got a bit more info. A measure at any given time. :)

Deploy it on Heroku with a forex account - performance will most likely be superior.