I am using GD hosting that is shared with subdomain. My website map looks the following:


Sports is set up as subdomain, in order to navigate to default.htm by either domain.com/Sports/ or by sports.domain.com.

default.htm utilizes Styles/site.css stylesheet that is recommended from this through the following path: ..\Styles\site.css.

That actually works fine after i access my page by: domain.com/Sports/ also it does not work after i refer to it as like: sports.domain.com

The question I've is - how do you get my stylesheet employed by both situations, as well as what relative path shall we be held designed to use to really make it dealing with sports.domain.com (none labored for me personally to date)?

Please be aware, I'm able to just use html ("~/" is not open to me, I am acquainted with asp.internet, not PHP).

It will work. Would you please kindly check it together with your current provider?

Ok, mightn't function as the most elegant one, but works - use http://domain.com/Styles/site.css for that style uri. It really works with both sports.domain.com &lifier domain.com/sports.