I have got an problem with Apache and Single Sign-on, that we cannot exercise without good references like me not really a professional in Apache configuration. I attempted to look in Amazon . com.com and located the matched up book: Apache security only has three pages with this subject and so i don't believe it as being a great reference within this situation.

I will setup Apache test atmosphere at this time and can load the required modules, however i question if there's worthwhile materials which i could follow? Obviously I'd search and browse The Fine Manuals from Apache website.

Thank you towards the suggestions ahead of time.

Hi i love that one "Stopping Web Attacks with Apache" Author: Ryan C Barnett http://www.amazon.com/Preventing-Attacks-Apache-Ryan-Barnett/dp/0321321286 which small article http://www.petefreitag.com/item/505.cfm