I am likely to use Apex with students to understand database systems. I am a new comer to Apex myself.

During my - very rough - look at things i would like them to have the ability to do, I am enticed to inform these to "stay with the magicians". The concept would be that the real jobs are SQL, and Apex is just there to check on their idea works and also to provide them with the satisfaction of finishing something.

Two problems: (1) Is "stay with the magicians" helpful advice? Could it be likely that the newcomer follows a typical path, and acquire a unmanageable mess consequently?

(2) Exist good assets which help using the fundamentals? What I've discovered aims high in comparison towards the complete newbie applying, say, a purchase form.

If the purpose of working out is to discover the database and SQL, and never about Apex itself, then while using built-in magicians may be the easiest method to use Apex, and should not result in any major problems provided you do not have tables using more than 2 posts however key (that is all of the form magicians are designed for until version 4.1 a minimum of).

I haven't any learning assets to point out apart from the 2 Day + Application Express Developer's Guide that you've most likely already experienced.

For me, students requiring to understand the Oracle database should first learn how to do simple tasks in SQL*Plus (or possibly SQL Developer) - for example CREATE TABLE, Choose, Place, UPDATE, and Remove.

Then, they've got the building blocks which to know what tools like Apex do on their behalf.