I've been searching for quite a while now a great image resizing wordpress plugin for jQuery, Java Applet, HTML5? , .internet wordpress plugin for any .Internet website.

I want something that's easy to customize to ensure that i'm able to set what functions, proportions have to be obeyed depending from what page I'm calling the wordpress plugin.

I'm mostly interested to control the file in your area and just uploading the finished result. I'll be dealing from symbols to FullHD photos.. I Quickly just store it as being a BLOB in SQL.

I want it to crop/ rotate/ and choose a transparency-or create a colour transparent. Thats about this however i cant find something that has all of this within an simple enough package.

I checked out on-line API's but they're like Illustrator and that is mega overkill for my customers. After which you will find jQuery but each one of these lacks in functionality in some manner.

Just searching for suggestions please.

ppumpkin, given the requirement for image-manipulation functions and not simply an easy re-size, the only real think visiting mind that matches this bill (crop, rotate, color transparencies, re-size, etc.) is ImageMagick.

Fortunately it features a .Internet binding library known as ImageMagick.NET you should use.