I've been trying a couple of migration scripts for CakePHP however i went into problems with all the in certain form or any other.

Please advice me on the migration selection for Cake that you employ live and know works.

I would like the next "features": -Support CakePHP 1.2(e.g. CakeDCs migrations are only a choice when 1.3 is stable and my application migrated towards the new codebase) -Support for (or at best not halt on) Models having a different database config. -Support Models in sub-folders of application/models -Support Models in plug ins -Support tables that don't comply with Cake conventions (I've got a couple of special tables that don't possess a single primary key area and want to ensure that they're) -Plays well with automated deployment via Capistrano and Git.

I don't need rails-style versioned files a git versioned schema file that's in comparison live towards the existing schema is going to do. That's: I love the SchemaShell in Cake aside from it not suitable for the majority of my needs above.

I've checked out and examined:

CakePHP Schema Spend http://book.cakephp.org/view/734/Schema-management-and-migrations

CakeDC migrations http://cakedc.com/downloads/view/cakephp_migrations_wordpress plugin

YAML migrations http://github.com/georgious/cakephp-yaml-migrations-and-fittings

joelmoss migrations http://code.google.com/p/cakephp-migrations

I've got a wordpress plugin making it to CakePHP 1.2, you can observe in http://github.com/jrbasso/migrations

It use cake style to create everything. Not uses yaml, uses objects to define tables. You are able to import models from Cake without problems...