We are searching for good Joomla hosting companies- particularly ones that provides PHP > 5.3. which have good methods in position for site backup copies. Please recommend from experience.

(We presently have our Joomla site located on GoDaddy, the industry fail since it runs PHP 5.2.5 - which breaks current PHP DateTime functionality like getTimestamp() - also it only enables max 20MB downloads from the file manager, making backup a kluge)


I do not look foward to direct-recommendation, because everybody needs it different.

You need to mind to webhostingtalk.com, the greatest web-hosting related talks. They've nice offers section , without a doubt you will discover something appropriate for you personally.

For those who have some linux background, why not get a a VPS? It's very cheap now.

We make use of a company known as Powered By Penguins. Didn't have a genuine trouble, one down time that survived a couple of minutes once however the support is nice and quick to reply with 'lamens' terms solutions.

They've php 5.3

They can moved our website free of charge. As with every though they might not be ideal for you however for us we could not fault.

GoDaddy finally has php5.3 really!!!

If you possess the Limitless (Ultimate) Shared Linux Hosting plan, you are able to migrate free of charge towards the 4GH servers (that takes about 1-a couple of days for that GoDaddy folks emigrate your files to an alternative server farm increase the DNS's correctly for the new Ip). Then just visit the Hosting Control Center, choose the Programming Languages icon, so when recption menus is attracted choose radio stations button for PHP5.3. There you have it!