Can anybody point me in direction of good quality 'best practices' documents for MySQL database construction? I have been coding for several years and am acquainted with a few of the fundamentals of MySQL (although the majority of my coding experience has not involved DB work) but Let me improve on my small understanding.

It is always good if anybody can point me at any middle level documents that go over a few of the fundamentals I might have skipped although simultaneously aren’t scared of showing 'the way it ought to be done' and, most significantly, why.


I am as if you: coding for some time, but no DB experience and that i needed to learn MySQL by myself.

I possibly could not discover the book you are searching for, though I purchased (quite) a couple of. I finally just dove in and began trying stuff.

See, MySQL is really so complex -- MySQL claims might have a lot of permutations -- it was impossible to locate just straightforward, cook book-type good examples in almost any book. But it's not hard to get began with simple Choose claims and getting into more capable, effective claims by yourself.

I possibly could not have access to tried it, though, without a lot of the aid of the MySQL forum:

with a subgroup made only for me and you: , or choose "Newcomers" in the primary forum page.

These individuals are greatly useful and patient: these were prepared to lead me through a few of the subtleties and also the insanities incongruencies from the MySQL docs.

It that some call the "MySQL Bible" is Paul DuBois, MySQL (4th Edition) [Paperback], that is another 1200-page monster doorstop which i have no need for. I do not recommend it whatsoever: it's largely a rearrangement from the paperwork, it's no tutorial to talk of, and also the index is incomplete and merely plain wrong. I really bought this book last year and eliminated it recently.

You will be a great deal best, as I only say, just trying stuff by yourself.

I believe that MySQL can be compared in complexity and energy towards the C language also it takes nearly as lengthy -- 2 or 3 several weeks, say -- being self-sufficient and usefully competent.

Best of luck! You is going to do all right.