Remarkably, it appears this has not been requested yet (or at best I could not think it is). I am following a "good" PHP hosting solution. Clearly "good" is really a subjective term, so I'll provide some recommendations:

  • Scalable solutions from cheap shared to devoted with easy transition together (ie an even and relatively painless upgrade path)
  • MySQL 5.1 (ideally)
  • PHP 5.2.8
  • Relatively good uptime and support turnaround (yes, I recognize this is just one of individuals "you receive that which you purchaseInch criteria)
  • Secure. I discovered this on shared server setup. What's the typical security situation with hosting companies?
  • Relatively generous quotas, particularly with database storage
  • Opcode caching of some type (eg APC) and
  • memcached access will be a nice-to-have.

Other things I should know while shopping around? You will find an array of PHP hosting companies available therefore it is tough to tell exactly what the variations are (if any), aside from the apparent metrics (cost, bandwidth, disk space, etc).

EDIT: added needs about opcode along with other caching.

I have to accept another answerer and state that I have also never had an issue with GoDaddy for small websites. The only issue I have had (and it is not just a problem, I guess) would be that the economy plan only enables you to definitely host one domain on that plan. Among the sometimes overlooked advantages about GoDaddy may be the round-the-clock support- which means you are able to give them a call at this time (night time on Christmas), and you will achieve a support person. (I have used GoDaddy for just two+ years.)

Another webhost which i've had zero issues with is WebFaction. It's a little more costly than most hosting that is shared, but it is highly ranked by many. Will still be hosting that is shared though and you'll encounter issues should you carry on growing. (I have used WebFaction for around 6 several weeks now.)

For something after some more horsepower, I recommend SliceHost. They're possessed by Rackspace, a recognised webhost. They provide VPSes, and when you begin hitting high loads on a single "slice" you can buy another slice, and that i think they'll handle the strain balancing for you personally. You receive full root access, however i believe you will need to possess a fundamental grasp of Linux instructions to be able to get a VPS correctly working.

For more horsepower, you are able to, obviously, obtain a devoted server. I've had good experience previously having a devoted server from, however i also have heard good stuff about ThePlanet and SoftLayer.

The corporation enables you to definitely host your code for pennies unless of course you really finish track of a reasonable quantity of traffic. They've both PHP5 and PHP4 support.

https://world wide web.nearlyfreespeech.internet/

The excellent factor about their prices model is you pay only for bandwidth you utilize - Plus they ask you for a reasonable cost. I've not used them but that is mainly because I've got a devoted server I'd rather not quit.

For small sites I have never had an issue with Godaddy (don't hate me) but the moment it will get large It's my job to just move it to some small devoted server at ServerPronto.