What are the good tools for imagining a pre-existing database schema? I am using MySQL whether it matters.

I am presently using MySQL Work bench to process an SQL create script dump, but it is cumbersome, slow along with a manual process to tug all of the tables about (which may be okay whether it wasn't so slow).

I discovered SchemaSpy quite good - you need to run the script each time schema changes but it's not too large deal.

I would suggest Toad data modeller

What about the SQuirreL SQL Client? As pointed out in another SO question, this programs has got the capacity to develop a simple ER diagram.

DeZign for Databases may be interesting for you personally. You are able to reverse engineer and modify existing databases. Has a car-layout function and diagram layout isn't meshed up when syncing your computer data model using the database.

I love it, known as simply DbSchema. It's designed in Java therefore it operates on OS X, Home windows, or Linux. It is a little cumbersome, particularly when it involves printing, but from my experience they are all like this. That one is the greatest of the numerous I have attempted. It can make nice, obvious diagrams. Free trial offer. Costs about $120 based on the number of licenses you purchase.

I am begin to create own Perl script according to SQL::Translator module (GraphViz). Listed here are first results.

Another approach, but when you are using Ruby on Rails try RailRoad: http://railroad.rubyforge.org

It's my job to use SchemaSpy to get this done, but lately I discovered a very simple article on sqlfairy that simply uses the dump file to produce the dwelling graph

Perhaps you have attempted the arrange > auto arrange function in MySQL Work bench. It might help you save from by hand moving the tables around.

ER/Studio by Embarcadero is among the more expensive ones, however the hierarchical mode it present is undoubtedly the very best one for understanding database models. It can make query writing the simplest task on the planet.

It's also incredible with normalization, denormalization, warehousing, documentation, etc.

However that it's a pretty costly tool especially when you are multiplatform.

I sought out a very long time for any decent, and ideally free, tool for linux and located this java application that's quite good (finally!!):


Being Java it's mix-platform (I run it on Linux without any issues) and it'll connect with any database you can aquire a JDBC driver for. ie: virtually any database.

It is extremely simple to import your database and obtain a visible (ERM) from the database schema. The car-layout feature is nice too, but note that it's dirty instantly and you have to click on the "automatic layout" button after posting your objects in to the diagram.

The applying is another very good generic database administration/browsing tool. As you small example, I personally use it rather than pgadmin for many base development work due to simple niceties such as the column width of SQL query results instantly sizing to suit content (which drives me crazy in pgadmin).