I really like Python and Ruby equally and that i just can't standardize on a single. I really like Heroku, however it could possibly get a speck pricey and it is totally specific to Rails.

It is possible to half way decent affordable host, or many, that adequately supports both Ruby and Python frameworks and also gives common LAMPish support?

Yeah... I wanna determine if I'm able to simply have everything for affordable (sigh).

I am mostly thinking about this for development and online companies... scalability isn't a large deal, but very welcome.

Well, if you are opting for cheap, you will need to opt for hosting that is shared. VPS solutions can cost you pretty much double that which you purchase hosting that is shared.

Anyway, for hosting that is shared, I'll recommend dreamhost.com. They clearly support standard Light, and gratifaction is fairly good in my opinion.

Additionally, they support Ruby and Python applications via passenger. Deployment is fairly easy (granted - not Heroku-easy), and also the performance is pretty good. I'd certainly try it out.

Take a look at lowendbox.com - they review and also have coupons for affordable VPS companies. The main one I wound up choosing (clubuptime.com) were built with a 50% off deal after i registered.

I personally use rackspace, it's 10$ /month for that fundamental setup, they simply provide you with a clean install of whatever OS you would like therefore it will support any packages/designs you decide to install.

http://www.webfaction.com/ - hands lower. They are doing Django &lifier Rails inside a shared atmosphere — and although I favor VPS's myself, it's an excellent solution if you are just beginning out. You don't need to be considered a sys-admin.

I am in compliance with elithrar. I switched to webfaction and I am happy using the change. They have an excellent support (I acquired solutions in under 30 minutes for my problems/questions) so when my real question is got by among the IT men, exactly the same guy likes you all of the subsequent communications until problem, doubts are resolved.

They are cheap too and also have excellent support to complete almost anythong you can need. Just compile the thing you need and do the installation in your house by ssh access and able to go.

I am not from webfaction, but this really is my knowledge about them.

Hope this can help you.