Worthwhile Websites/Blogs/Books will be able to take a look at for learning nhibernate...

I've checked out NHibernate for .NET from Hibernate Core site.... Every other high quality ones....

NHibernate In Action by Manning is a superb book. It hides to version 1.2 of NHibernate but they are already speaking in regards to a latest version to pay for the approaching 3. release.


Ayende Rahien

Davy Brion



Summer of NHibernate



The NHibernate Forge Wikis are pretty helpful and also the book NHibernate in Action is brilliant! Also Ayende Rahian's blog includes a heap of helpful information...

Ayende Rahien makes lots of helpful NHibernate posts:


Or just google your NHibernate problem and add the term "Ayende" -)

Less known, but highly reccomendable is a number of great posts on NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate from Marek Blotny:


Hibernate in Action. Even when it's for Java, concepts are identical. Very bestseller.

Check videos labeled "NHibernate" on The Best Tech Videos website.

Take a look at Steve Bohlen's Summer of NHibnerate video series. Even though it is made for any slightly older version of NHibernate (1.2), still it has an abundance of great information.

Summer time of nhibernate


or even the above!

Dimecasts too


and check out Fluent Nhibernate should you prefer convention over configuration :)

I clarified an identical question lately...


which might help too..

Your blog of Ayende covers alott of stuff inside a beginner friendly tone.

Helps me out alott! Definatly try that certain.