This is actually the situation:

I own a Google Applications for Business account.

I've two domains registered :

  • the principal domain
  • that is another domain

Note: both domain names are validated and active.

I am focusing on a Google Application Engine web application and that i would like it to be around via or world wide

What I have done to date :

  • I have added the GAE web application like a service during my Google Applications account.
  • I have attempted to alter the url but does'nt come in the dropbox.

This factor begins they are driving me mad...

It does not appears possible ATM to bind an Application Engine application on the Google Applications Secondary Domain (seems like a bug).

However it works fine on Google Applications Domain Alias.

  • Visit https://world wide
  • Click Give a domain alias or perhaps a domain
  • Choose Give a domain alias of
  • Follow instructions to ensure your domain
  • See your Application Engine application dashboard
  • Visit Application Configurations
  • Click Add Domain
  • Type the domain title of the primary Google Applications domain (not the alias)
  • Click Add new URL
  • Choose your domain alias in the dropdown list
  • Click Add
  • You'll be requested to include a CNAME to inside your DNS configuration

Which should works.

google application engine doesn't allow mapping naked domain. use a redirect from to world wide

"Because of recent changes, Application Engine no more supports mapping your application to some naked domain. In case your domain registrar supports URL redirects, you are able to redirect from to e.g http://world wide or"

Inside my goog application manage domain top of the page, Time passes to domain configurations -> add domain alias for world wide And So I added world wide

Inside my domain registrar, I declare the next redirects: -> world wide -> world wide

Next the next web addresses would really visit the same place:

  • world wide
  • world wide


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